Thank you for considering supporting my efforts to raise funds for Victim Services Toronto!

Victim Services Toronto is a vital community agency providing crisis assistance to more than 20,000 victims of crime and tragedy, each year. Victim Services Toronto works with individuals, families and communities in all sorts of traumatic situations including domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, missing persons, extreme youth bullying situations, motor vehicle and workplace fatalities, families of homicide victims, sudden death situations, hate crimes, and more.

People who have lived through extreme or prolonged trauma, will often tell you that physical wounds are quicker and easier to heal, than emotional and psychological wounds. Empowering resilience in victims and survivors who have suffered extreme emotional and psychological trauma requires the right environmental and social conditions for emotional and psychological resilience.

As the Executive Director at Victim Services Toronto, I know how hard we work to create the right environmental and social conditions to empower resilience. We ensure that no victim of crime suffers alone. Victim Services Toronto’s Crisis Counsellors work along side our Toronto Police Service partners, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our programs and services provide timely access to care and assistance for victims in aftermath of crime and tragedy. Early intervention is critical to mitigating the many devastating long-term effects of trauma. We help people access the right supports and services they need to help victims rebuild their lives.

Thank you for your support.

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You Go Girl!!
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