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I hope you never know what it feels like...

To hold the hand of a mother who is asked to identify the body of her son.
To convince a complete stranger not to end his or her life.
To hold a child whose father is the latest homicide victim.
To look for the bright side when there is no bright side.
To bear witness to the battered face of a woman who is told she is useless.
To hear the cry of a baby who is forgotten and unwelcome.
When the silence is deafening and there are no words to explain.
To knock on the door of a stranger whose world is about to be shattered.
And not to have the answer when someone asks "why?"

I'm participating in the B&O Yorkville Run with a goal of raising 1500 for Victim Services Toronto.

Victim Services Toronto works on scene alongside Toronto Police providing emotional support and practical assistance to individuals, families and communities affected by crime or sudden tragic events.  Victim Services Toronto assists more than 20,000 people each year, which includes more than 7,000 children. Operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year Victim Services Toronto provides psychological first aid/trauma management, practical assistance and follow up services in all sorts of situations such as domestic violence, sexual assault, missing persons, motor vehicle and workplace fatalities, families of homicide victims, sudden death situations, hate crimes, to name a few.

Thank you for visiting my donation page!

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Nick Scampoli
Bev Craddock
Joanne Tawton
You go girl! Running for a great cause. I can't imagine policing effectively without the support of Toronto Victim Services!
Roman Dabrowski
Run Kat Run
Eric Green
Have a great run. Wish I could be running.
Raj Johal
Good luck with the run, don't take anyone's shoes ;P
... here's the rest of the money. Sorry. (Kleptomaniacs of Peel)
We're betting you don't finish. Love from Gambler's Anonymous Group #23
Jason Da Silva
Kevin Hopper
Renin Rossenova
Christina Calalang
Good luck with the run, Kat! I know you will do great!
Natasha Lakhani
Always happy to support you Kat! You're amazing and so proud of all u do! Good luck!!
Rosemarie DaSilva
Thank you for all you do!
Debbie Macedo
You go girl!! XO
Rose Russo
Anything To Help ❤️