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I'm participating in the B&O Yorkville Run with a goal of raising 100 for Victim Services Toronto.

Did you know that Victim Services Toronto works on scene alongside Toronto Police providing emotional support and practical assistance to individuals, families and communities affected by crime or sudden tragic events?  Victim Services Toronto assists more than 20,000 people each year, which includes more than 7,000 children. Operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year Victim Services Toronto provides psychological first aid/trauma management, practical assistance and follow up services in all sorts of situations such as domestic violence, sexual assault, missing persons, motor vehicle and workplace fatalities, families of homicide victims, sudden death situations, hate crimes, to name a few.

“Unless you’ve been robbed at gunpoint, you have no idea how devastating it can be. I had nightmares, I couldn’t sleep. I was terrified to go to work. If it wasn’t for Victim Services Toronto, I wouldn’t have known that there was help out there for people who go through stuff like this.”

Raised so far:


Janice Moffat
Such an important service, thank you for making us aware...and Lisa just for you the extra $1
Lisa Gregson
Had to make your total a nice even number!
Michael Singer
Go get them!
Ruuun Logan, Ruuuun
Jennifer Cruz
Dale McCarthy
Jenny and Stuart Lorriman- Bodera
Jeff Bodera
Cynthia Beaver
Best of luck friend!
Ken Allen
Wendy Fawcett
I heart you
Amy Chamberlain
You the bomb!
Gary Seward
Kill it!
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