Join 1,000 runners at Canada’s Premier 5K Race and help raise funds for VICTIM SERVICES TORONTO!

The 9th annual B&O Yorkville Run takes place on Sunday, September 9 at 9:45 AM. The registration fee is $125+ HST and includes:

The minimum fundraising amount is $100. Once you’ve registered, you will be prompted to login and customize your personal fundraising page. There is where you can create and update your personal profile, send out and manage solicitation emails and social media messages and increase your fundraising goal!

Thank you for registering for the B&O Yorkville Run and helping to raise much needed funds for VICTIM SERVICES TORONTO!

To register for fundraising, please type in your CODE above and fill out the registration form.

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We are very proud to be partnering with this great charity that will use the funds raised from the B&O Yorkville Run to benefit crucial programs and initiatives in our community.

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By registering for the B&O Yorkville Run, you're committing to a minimum fundraising goal of $100.00 per runner, in addition to your registration fee. If by race kit pick up day you have not reached the $100.00 minimum, you will be responsible for the commitment to your selected charity before you’re able to pick up your kit or you will forfeit your registration. Upon registering, you have the opportunity to start hitting your fundraising goals right away by sending an email to your contacts!
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