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Tips on Fundraising!

Posted on : July 09, 2018

Thank YOU for signing up for the 9th Annual B&O Yorkville Run and for choosing to support one of our 21 amazing charities!  

You’ve all committed to a minimum of $100 of fund-raising toward one amazing charity - well done!  

And with that, a few tips on how to start your fundraising campaign: 

  1. Start by logging in to your B&O Yorkville Run account!  This will take you to your personal dashboard 
  2. Want to customize your email template and your thank you?  Simply click “Track Solicitation Emails"
  3. From here, click “Customize Email Templates” on the right side of the page
  4. Here we have put in some information from your selected charity that you can use as is OR you can add to it to make it personal - remember, the more personal, the better people connect to why you’re fundraising for your charity!
  5. While you’re here, configure your thank you email for when people donate to your fundraising goal!  Make it easy for yourself and check off so that it automatically sends a thank you email 15 minutes after receiving a donation!
  6. Don’t forget to save your work ;)
  7. Head back to your dashboard/home and click on “Send Solicitation Emails” - your saved template is there - so start sending to your friends, family, co-workers - if you forget someone on the first round, go back and send another round!
  8. You can also send from your own personal email account by simply copying and pasting your customized message and adding your personal link to your donation page (you can easily find that by searching for yourself here and copying that in to your email).

Should you have any questions with regards to fundraising, please do not hesitate to contact Tami at or if you have specific questions on your charity, please reach out to them (minimum amounts for tax receipts, etc) directly.  
Happy Fundraising!